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Meet The Pastors
Over the past 40 years, my wife and I have found ourselves serving in Sunday School, Youth Ministry, College & Career, Singles Ministry, and Homeless Ministry. During this time, we managed to keep our 3 children as our primary ministry, and are blessed to be able to report that they have all grown to be God-fearing, God-loving adults that are raising 5 (soon to be 6) children in the admonition of the Lord.

While we see the church's wisdom of equipping the saints (via Bible Studies, Discipleship programs and fellowship eventssuch as luncheons and BBQ’s), my wife and I increasingly saw the need to apply what God has equipped us with, to the mission field OUTSIDE the church walls, in order to further Christ’s Kingdom. Making disciples is the great commission. There's NOTHING more productive in God’s Kingdom than taking a one-on-one approach to mentoring others. It brings ALL of us involved into a deeper relationship with Christ.  

A heart to mentor others is driven by the desire to see others live a victorious life in Christ... Indeed, the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few! 

Mentoring...it's fun, and it's serious. Sometimes it's seriously fun.
Pastor Lucky Jonker
It was on November 8th of 2005 when I truly felt the weight of my sin and turned to the cross with Godly repentance and faith in Jesus as my Lord and Savior. There really never has been a moment that I’ve looked back on my old life. It was from that moment on that it’s honestly been all about Jesus… to know Him and make Him known.  

The same week I gave my life to Christ I began sharing the gospel with my neighbors (as they were the closest people in proximity that I could share the good news with). I quickly became a student of the Bible and started getting involved in Church ministry. The prayer team, the evangelism team, the prison ministry, and the men’s ministry. You name it and I wanted to be a part of it. After some time growing in the Lord, I was given the opportunity to lead various ministries. Then later on, I became an intern pastor and began overseeing various ministries, I even started a few new ministries at church as well. Then later on I felt a strong calling to take what I had learned to the scattered and weary.  

Specifically, I felt the Lord call me to serve the spiritual and physical needs of the foster care, the elderly, those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, the homeless, the addicted, the poor, single mothers, the disabled, and those in children’s hospitals. I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I would have dreams of all of them and pray for them daily. I became discontent in church and only wanted to reach out to those hurting as much as I could. I did my very best to encourage as many people as possible at church, to be involved in outreach work, but it seemed to be of little to no avail. I even tried contacting several local churches to get them involved in their own community, but that proved to be of little to no benefit. Slowly, but surely, I began spending more time away from church and more time at the foster care group homes, homeless shelters, elderly facilities, hospitals, and any other place I could go to meet the people I felt the Lord had told me to go to and serve.  

The more time I spent with the people and the places they lived helped me understand their unique spiritual and physical needs even better. It was at this time that I and about two other brothers decided to faithfully go to the people and have weekly church services at the foster care group homes, at the homeless shelters, at the elderly facilities, and all of the other places we had built relationships with. This led to the beginning of Hands & Feet Outreach Ministries. We continue to desire to serve the scattered and weary to the very best of our ability, as unto Christ. 
Pastor Kevin
Bob and I have been Christians for 20 years serving in a number of different ministries at church, and outside of church. During our journey, it has become clear that God has called us to outreach ministries allowing us to serve the homeless, the elderly, mentoring/discipling others, and teaching the Word of God.  

Over the years, we learned of Pastor Kevin and the Hands and Feet Outreach Ministries. At times we would team up with Kevin and serve at one of his outreaches. We enjoyed his energy and passion for Jesus and his love for people who did not, or could not walk through the doors of a church. Bob and I both loved serving with Pastor Kevin and felt at home and wanted to become part of this loving community of Believers.​

Pastor Bob & Linda Ritchie
I have been married to my beautiful wife Doreen for 28 years. We have 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls. We have been living in the Temecula area for the past 17 years. I was raised in the church and lived in El Centro, CA for part of my childhood before moving to El Cajon, CA when I was 11. I prayed to receive Christ around 13 at a church service, and was baptized at 14. Years later I started helping out in Sunday School and have taught Bible studies and spent 5 years doing the Good News Club. I have been at the Chateau for two and a half years and was ordained in October 2017. I love ministering to the elderly and am excited about what God is doing at the Chateau.
Pastor David Dotson
After 30+ years of being a hardcore heroin and speed addict, in career Criminal, the Lord had his eyes on me. And sent me my wife Irene. I had no idea what I was in for. My wife was a missionary to China and Korea. In fact, her parents we're also. I put my wife through hell. I hated Christians with a passion. But I paid attention to my wife's passion for Christ. I'd scream at her, " where is your God now?", and throw Bibles at her, as she was on her knees praying for me. She played the Psalms for me on audio Bible at night when I slept. After six years of this, my wife led me to the cross. And I was arrested, charged with 800 felonies, looking at 25 years to life. My past has caught up with me. Guilty of every one of them. And then, I was delivered from the lion's mouth. That was almost four years ago. My Lord and Savior had rescued me, and healed my mind of yesterday, and gave me peace. The day I was released I was preaching Christ crucified. Next thing I know my wife and I were evangelizing to the poor and needy. We started making steak burritos and passing them out with Bibles in the worst parts of Lake Elsinore. Started with just one person, then five, then 20. Then we popped a tent up, and started preaching and proclaiming The Gospel of Jesus Christ & His Kingdom. It grew to 168 people every weekend. We couldn't find any churches in the area that wanted to evangelize and feed the Homeless. And we did it on zero finances. So we started opening up our home to those in need. It was beautiful. It was like we were living the George Mueller story. So we started a discipleship home. And then the Lord led us to Kevin and Hands and Feet Ministries. It was like we were cut from the same cloth. We both had what Floyd McClung called "Apostolic passion ". So the Lord had Kevin and myself start Hands and Feet Church. We love serving everyone there, but we especially loved serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus the Christ. All hail the King!!!
Pastor Happy Addison