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At 60 years of age, my ministry spans almost 40 years, from teaching Sunday School, H.S. Youth Ministry, College & Career, Singles Ministry, Women’s Ministry Group Leader, Student Venture Fund Raising Coordinator, Christian School Librarian, and Homeless Ministry.  All of these ministries helped to prepare our children for ministry. With over 30 years of counseling in marriage, and mentoring youth and moms, there can be disappointment and pain, along with growth and victories in Christ. I currently work for Care Rite a vocational company that works exclusively with adults with disabilities. I am so blessed to do what I love as my career as well as my ministry.
My marriage, of 40 years, to my amazing husband, Lucky, has been a gift from God. He and I have raised 3 children, now aged 32 through 38. Our children are now raising our 5 grandchildren the same way we raised them. We involved our children in these various ministries. All of them are raising their children in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ. They all have a passion for discipleship and/or evangelism. Our son was born with water on the brain (who God chose to heal).  This made us want to come along side others, as we serve Christ. 

The Lord has given my husband and me hearts for scattered and weary. We have seen so many Christians floundering and not understanding the victories they could have in Christ. We know the blessings that come from serving. Many churches are ministering to children with special needs classes, however, we haven’t seen one focused on the adults. After seeing this outreach God impressed upon my husband and me the increasing need to share what God has gifted us with. God has given to each of us gifts. We ALL need to be using our gifts to further the Kingdom of God.

It’s about worship and the Word. The teaching is awesome!
September of 2000 marked the beginning of going on the mission field to Vietnam two times per year. The season ended in 2007. The major purposes of going to Vietnam was to
1) connect to a solid Christian ministry in Saigon, 2) share the gospel of 

Jesus Christ wherever God opened a door, 3) teach the Word of God, 4) fellowship with Vietnamese brothers and sisters, 5) love, encourage, comfort and bring hope to the precious Vietnamese, and 6) smuggle Bibles (it being a staunch communist country).

In 2002, God placed on my heart to also go to the Philippines. The major purposes are the same as above except for the smuggling of Bibles. One other exception is that the mission field has been on the island of Mindanao to reach the Gospel to Muslims, Roman Catholics and others. And it presently continues.

In 2004, God opened another door to be on the mission field in Indonesia, which continued until October 2015. The major purposes are the same as the Philippines.
It is my desire to redeem the time to serve the Lord while I am able..

My name is Andy. I have been a believer for a short two and a half years. Being rather new in the faith, I have a great desire to seek God with all of my heart and grow continuously in the knowledge of Him. I pray this will be my same desire when I am old in the faith as well. God is eternal and unsearchable. It is so important to me that I experience daily, the beauty and majesty of God, in a new way. I came to faith in Jesus Christ at the age of twenty-three while working at a furniture company. I was living on my own at the time, so I would either be at work or at my apartment. In my free time I would socialize with friends and talk "philosophy," if thats what you would call it. We were seeking for meaning and light in a dark and hopeless world. One of my friends and I, eventually began that quest through "experiences," as we called them. We began experimenting with many different drugs. We thought this would deepen our understanding of life. This eventually led me to a very dark place. After one particular bad "experience," I was alone in my apartment in what felt like the fringe of hell. 

For weeks I was in a horrible state of paranoia and heavily oppressed by darkness. But it was in this state that everything seemed to click. For the first time I understood the reality of evil. It wasn't a thought or something abstract, it was a reality. It was such a reality that I began to understand my own deceived state, and the one who had deceived me. In looking back on my life I was reminded of all the times I ignored God's convictions, which were to bring me to Himself. I recalled all of the times I listened to the evil one instead, and chose the path to destruction. Now my eyes were opened to the destructive path I was on and its end. At this understanding, I was reminded of the Savior of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ, who came as the Light to save men from darkness. Having no confidence within myself, I chose for the first time to surrender my self-will and place my full trust in Jesus for salvation. I opened up my bible, and I declared to God that I would believe and follow whatever His word says. I took all of my "philosophies" and threw them in the trash. 

The word of God would now be where all of my meaning is found. Since that day, the Lord has worked mightily in my life. He set me free from my bondage to sin, which held me as its slave all of my life. He continues to sanctify me and change my heart daily. I seek God daily, in faith, knowing that the more I am filled with Him, the more the selfishness and pride will disperse from my heart. I love to serve God because His love compels me. Knowing God means everything. Once you know God, one of your greatest desires will be leading other people to Him. There are so many lost souls who need to know God's love. He is the only one who can save them from their sins, and we have the privilege and honor of being able to lead them to Him.
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Andy Amaya